Amy Tyksinski

© 2019 Amy Tyksinski

© 2019 Amy Tyksinski

“What beckons to me in this moment now through my T’ai Chi Chih practice as we, the chi and I, commune with one another?” is a question I often ask myself in the quiet early morning as I start my day.

Teaching T’ai Chi Chih (whose name means “Knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate” or “Knowledge of the Way of Energy”) since 1995 to people of all ages, I take great delight in inviting students to find what calls to them personally through this joyous evidence-based mindfulness moving meditation.

“When the substantial and insubstantial - the Yang Chi and Yin Chi - are brought into balance, we are in a relaxed and meditative state.”

Justin Stone, Originator, T’ai Chi Chih, Spiritual Odyssey, p. 25.

The passion to delve further into this mysterious “Ultimate” is what drew me to move to Albuquerque in 2000 specifically to meditate and study with Justin Stone, the originator of T’ai Chi Chih. What a humbling and amazing gift.

In my heart of hearts, I seek always to share the wordless essence of what I learned (and continue to learn) from Justin and what I feel all humans have access to through the wondrous practices he shared so generously with his students.